Fungus generally is one of the most persistent infections, when it comes to nails and feet, it seems almost impossible to get rid of it. You have tried all the creams and pills you could find, sometimes it helped – sometimes I didn't, and anyway it is always returned. When it comes to feet toenail fungus, removing or dissolving the nail does not solve the problem since the new growing nail will be just as infected as the one you removed. 
It is a very common phenomenon and its tendency to occur increases with age. Over 40% of the population suffers from leg and nail fungus and the incidence continue to increase steadily.
The main symptoms of the fungus between the toes are itching, redness, pain and itch when scratched, splitting and peeling of the skin between the toes, instead of inflammatory condition, odor and more.
Most people refer to Laser toenail fungus removal as merely a cosmetic problem but if you neglect to take care of it, it can cause a complication. Fungal infection by itself is not dangerous, but untreated nail fungus can infect the skin around and cause cracks that can grow bacteria and can cause the development of bacterial infection which is very painful.

Another complication is when the fungus takes over the whole nail and it falls off, leaving the sensitive region defenseless, then even something as simple as wearing shoes becomes painful. When the new nail grows it can grow deformed. Socially, there are two main problems: one is the shame due to the smell from shoes, when it comes to fungus in the legs or because no aesthetic appearance when it comes to fungal nails and the other is the problem of infection.
To this day I do not understand how the level of awareness about the issue is so low. I train at the gym on a daily basis, and every day I go toward the locker room and see girls walking around with bare feet. After all, one of the most common places to "grab" the fungus is the dressing rooms of the gym or the pool, sauna, which is considered one of the more popular it. There is nothing more beloved by the fungus than a wet floor in the locker-room showers; humidity and heat are a great platform for it.
For the same reason, a major cause of fungus in the legs is caused by not wiping between the toes after showering.

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